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Finishing works

Altex company offers wide range of finishing and renovation works.

Roboty wykończenioweMasonry / plaster works:

  • execution of gypsum and traditional plasters,
  • laying clinker, clinker liners,
  • assembly of prefabricated cornices, rosettes, plasters,
  • execution of decorative applications on walls, ceilings, columns,
  • assembly of doors and windows.

Plaster structures:

  • bricking and erecting partition walls made of plasterboards and masonry boards,
  • execution of suspended ceilings made of plaster, decorative and functional boards.

Roboty wykończeniowe Laying tiles:

  • laying tiles: gres, ceramics, stone, mosaic, glass,
  • facing pool troughs.

Roboty wykończenioweInsulation works

  • thermo-modernization of walls
  • thermal insulation and adaptation of attics,
  • thermal insulation of external walls on polystyrene or wool with ready to use plastering mixes: acrylic, silicate and silicone, mineral,
  • execution of water and heat insulations of new and old foundations.

Other works:

  • painting walls and ceilings along with skimming
  • laying floors: parquets, mosaic, exotic wood, carpet and PVC linings,
  • glass railings made of stainless and normal steel,
  • washing elevations, removing algae, chunk,
  • window and door assembly.
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